Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cookie Cake Pie: Attempt #2

I was not going to let this recipe win. I had to successfully make it! So, the next day it was time to make a second attempt of the "Cookie Cake Pie."

And I did it!
Ingredients:A single pie crust
A batch of cookie dough (homemade or store bought)
A batch of cake batter

1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Line pie pan with pie crust. Place cookie dough on pie crust, spread evenly. Should end up being about an inch thick. (Note, you should also end up with some dough leftover.)
3. Make your cake batter. Pour batter onto cookie dough until pie crust is about 2/3 filled. (This is where I originally went wrong. I used all the batter.) You should end up with leftover batter. Be creative and use it like I did, cookie cupcakes.
4. Pop the monster in the oven, check it after 25 minutes. You're aiming for golden brown edges. Continue to bake at 5 minute increments until golden brown edges are achieved. (See the cookie cupcakes in there...?)
5. Pull it out and let it cool. Once cooled frost it. The original maker of this recipe said that her frosting was about 1" thick. EEK! I did not lay it on that thick.
It was a bit sloppy when I cut into it. But man was it good. Diabetes waiting to happen. Well worth it though!

Thank you CakeSpy for sharing this recipe.

Cookie Cake Pie: Attempt #1

I once saw a recipe for what is called the "Cookie Cake Pie." Does this not scream, MAKE ME!!!

So I did. With friends. And it failed.
That's what happens when you don't read the directions 100%.

To be honest, dispite it looking like cake vomit, it was quite tasty!
Had to throw it out quick before I ate a lot of raw doughs.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boboli Pizza

This has got to be one of my absolute most favoritest pizzas ever. Mom found the recipe in a Cooking Light cookbook awhile back, and we've been making it ever since.
Boboli Pizza Crust
~2 tbs olive oil
~1/2 c shredded parm
fresh ground black pepper
sliced or minced garlic
tomato ( I used home grown)
basil (fresh from my garden)

Brush olive oil onto crust.

Layer in the following order:
black pepper
1/4 c parm
1/4 c parm
some extra black pepper
Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes or until cheese is melty. While baking, cut up basil into strips.
When pizza is done, pull out of oven and top with basil. Cut and serve. Oh so good.
You don't even know how good it is!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cheater Vanilla Ice Cream

Tomorrow at Bible Study we're celebrating 2 birthday. Someone is going to bring a berry pie or cobbler, and I volunteered to make vanilla ice cream. My mom heard about this once from somewhere a few years ago. And in a pinch, it works great! So prepare yourself, cause it's really really hard.


Are you ready for this?

Adding Sweet and Condensed Milk is optional. I added about 1/2 a can slowly between 2 big creamers (so that would be 1/4 can for one creamer). But I have made it without S&C Milk and it's still perfectly delicious.

Because it's cheater ice cream, I'm using a cheater ice cream maker. No ice or rock salt required. Thanks mom for letting me borrow your machine.
Dump in make and let 'er rip. After about 20-30 minutes, pour into Tupperware and put in freezer.





Any questions?