Friday, August 29, 2008

Cowboy Margarita

The easiest, quickest no blender needed margaritas eva'!

This recipe is world famous, at least you'd think it was in my family. I don't know who invented it, but I will always give my cousin Claude props and kudos. At every family event that happens at the ranch, about 12 handles of tequila is consumed in this bad ass drink.

The players:

The recipe:Take straight from our little flip recipe holder that Aunt Kate gave as a Christmas gift many years back. This recipe and recipe book has seen a lot of love and wear.

Diet Lemon-Lime soda can be used for a "diet" version. And I always add an extra can of soda. It's a super strong recipe without that extra soda. Still good, but it'll knock you off your feet.

So go, mix, partake of the Cowboy Margarita over this festive Labor Day weekend!


Kaitlin said...

Please can we at least have these on Friday night when I get home?

Anonymous said...

This is a great recipe. I changed it a bit and replaced sprite with club soda because it was a tad too sweet for my crew. Easy to make.

Anonymous said...

We use fresca or squirt in place of the sprite. Still the best & easiest margs out there.

Barb DiBurro said...

I lived in SATX for 7 years and a neighbor introduced this recipe to me when we moved there.
We moved away last year and I haven't been able to find my recipe. Thanks for posting this, it made my day when I found it. I will be doing the 3 cans of 7up though as that's how she did it. And I don't know about 12 oz of Tequila, she just used the limeade can to measure that!